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Volunteer Opportunities

Weekly Garden volunteering times:

Summer hours:
Tuesday afternoons from 3-5 pm. 

Early riser? Come help out Thursday, Saturday or Sunday mornings from 6-8 am. 

*Be sure to let us know you are coming!

Special Projects:

July - November 2021: Poultry Processing
We need volunteers to help us process meat chickens, ducks, and turkeys (November). While this is a somber experience, you can gain valuable life skills and take home (free) pastured poultry for your family.

September - October 2021: Food Forest Team 
We would like to expand our perennial food forest with berries! We hope to put together a team to plant berries two weekends during the late fall. You would get first pick of the berries next year/season 1!

October 2021 - High Tunnel Construction
We have been approved for 3,000 sq feet (likely two 50 foot) high tunnels by NRCS. They must be put up in October. We are looking for hands to put them up during this month in exchange for overwintering beds (a place to overwinter food for yourself!) or a share of the winter harvest to you (for free). 

Visiting Hours

Morning poultry and garden chores with Danielle - 8-10 am every Thursday morning.
Gather eggs, feed and water ducks, turkeys, and geese, and work in the garden!

Moving the cattle with Isaiah - every Thursday afternoon. Learn how to set up fencing, and call the cattle into their new paddocks! Wear pants and close toed shoes, and be able to walk up to a mile. 

*While these events are free and drop in, please do let us know that you are coming!

Needs & Wish List

- Box fans

- A non-fancy refrigerator

- 5 gallon buckets

- Pools

- Medium and large coolers

- Wire

- Twine 

- Cat food

- Metal conduit 

- Metal or wood stakes 

- Old gates, trellises, and cattle/hog panels

- Hay, straw, and leaves (unsprayed) for mulch 

- A working, but non-fancy washer (for a greens spinner!)

- An affordable side by side 4 wheeler

Good ole' handyman

- We could use help with a few "dad" projects, like hanging swings and zip lines. Hey, priorities!

Golf Cat (Cub Car) repair - we need someone to look at the wiring in our Club Car. We use that to bring water to livestock far off in pasture, or simply when we need to get from A to B quickly.