Wool & Lambskin

Our natural wool products are produced by local fiber mills. Lambskins processed by the only natural tanner in the U.S., Vermont Naturals.

All Natural Lambskin

Naturally processed and naturally raised lambskin.

Dryer Balls - 8

A set of 8 dryer balls from organic wool raised on the farm.

Dryer Balls - Each

Individual dryer ball.

Dryer Eggs - 6

6 dryer balls ("eggs")

Felted Toadstool Mushroom

1 felted 4 inch mushroom.

Felted Wool Acorns Kit

1 kit of 6 acorns

Felted Wool Pumpkin Kit

Wool materials to make a felted pumpkin!

Felted Wool Soap Bar - Natural Brown & Activated Charcoal

4 oz. natural brown felted wool activated charcoal natural soap bar

Felted Wool Tree - Each

1 felted wool tree.

Felted Wool Tree Kit - Each

Supplies for 1 felted wool tree.

Felted Wool Trees - Set of 3

Set of 3 wool felted trees.

Felted Wool Trees Kit - Set of 2

2-piece kit to create felted wool trees.

Felted Wool Trees Kit - Set of 3

3-piece kit to make wool felted trees.

Gift Certificates

Sold in $25 denominations.

Rainbow Set of Roving Wool

6 balls of dyed roving wool

Raw Wool

Raw wool sold by the pound.
$15.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.

Roving Wool - Brown

Select your size of natural roving wool.
$40.00/lb. Avg. 2 oz.

Roving Wool - White

Select your size of natural roving wool.
$40.00/lb. Avg. 2 oz.

Toddler Wool Pillow

1 toddler/travel pillow filled with 100% wool, with organic cotton case.


1 tomten (custom colors) + Welcome Home Card

Waldorf Nature Play Scene

100% wool imaginative nature play scene

Wet Felted Pumpkin Bowl

Kit to make one large or two small bowls

Wool Felted Bunny - Clover

1 hand needle felted bunny.

Wool Felted Snowman

1 premade 100% wool snowman.

Wool Felted Snowman Kit

Kit includes all wool needed to make 1 wool felted snowman.

Wool Slipper Kit

Wool to make one set of wool slippers