Wet Felted Pumpkin Bowl

Wet Felted Pumpkin Bowl

Kit to make one large or two small bowls
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This kit includes the supplies to make one large wet felted, or two small pumpkin bowls, including hand dyed orange, green, and brown wool, and string . You will also need a felting needle, a pair of sharp scissors, a basin, hot water, and a tablespoon of dish soap. 

Use the below instructions to create this festive craft with your children. 

Happy fall! 

Wet Felted Pumpkin Bowl Instructions

This kit includes:
Orange, brown, and green wool
String for holding the bowl together and embroidering if desired

You will also need:
Sharp scissors
A felting needle and pad (for leaf and stem)
A tennis ball or larger (about double size) ball
A basin of hot water and a tablespoon of dish soap

*This kit is from our farm’s professionally processed wool. It’s possible, and likely, that you may find vegetable matter (plant parts) still in the wool. Pick it out with your finger or felting needle. The kit is designed for young children to be able to create - perfect imperfections are okay!

Step 1: Gather your materials, and place a tablespoon of dish soap in hot water.

Step 2: Wrap the wool around your ball. Try to cover every spot 2-3 times. It’s best to spread out the wool so that it is put on in thin layers. Thick, stringy pieces are harder to felt (you see them on our finished product! If you end up with some at the end, you can needle felt them.)

Step 3: Grab one of your strings, and wrap the pumpkin as if it were a package. The tighter you wrap, the more likely you will see the cute, pumpkin lines. This also holds the wool in place.

Step 4: Submerge the ball in the water, and begin felting. Scrub each area with your hands and work around the ball. This will take 15-30 minutes depending on how well it is wrapped and how vigorously you scrub! If you see a portion that is loose, rub it some more. You may needle felt it a few times to help it connect.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied, you can bounce the ball! Then, place the ball in a hot dryer for 45-60 minutes.

Step 6: Cut the strings off your ball, and inspect. Is there anywhere you’d like to add more wool? Now is the time to needle felt some on. Then, using sharp scissors, cut around the bowl to create a top.

Step 7: Needle felt the leaf and stem.
Stem: Grab a small handful of your naturally brown (did you know there are no brown sheep? Black sheep’s wool becomes lighter in the sun!) wool. Fold it in half, and twist the top. You can rub it between your hands as if you were warming them. Then, transfer it to your felting pad and create a stem shape. I leave the base of the stem unfelted so that I can create its shape on the pumpkin.
Leaf: Shape your green wool in the shape of a leaf, and felt each side, turning over at least 3 times per side. You can create leaf veins. Attach the leaf to the pumpkin along the veins with your needle, making the shape more pronounced.

Step 8: Attach the stem, then the leaf to the bowl top. I use the corner of my felting pad to do so, and attach the stem first, covering a portion with the leaf.

You did it! Now, fill your pumpkin bowl with acorns, leaves, or treats!