Thanksgiving Meal Kit

Thanksgiving Meal Kit

1 kit - serves 6-8
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All the fixin's for your Thanksgiving meal side dishes made fresh and local!

- Pumpkin from Chestnut Cliff Farm and Kinwood Farm

- Butternut Squash from Chestnut Cliff Farm and Kinwood Farm

- Black Walnuts and maple syrup to bake your squash or sweet potatoes from Chestnut Cliff Farm

- Potatoes or sweet potatoes from Chesntut Cliff and Kinwood Farms

- Frozen green beans from Kinwood Farm

- Frozen corn from Kinwood Farm 

- Stuffing mix with fresh onions and celeriac from Kinwood Farm

- Herbed sourdough boule from Marilyn (Danielle's local sourdough lady!)

- Gluten-free cornbread mix from Hazzard Free Farm

- Currant jelly in place of cranberry sauce

- Sunflower oil to cook with from TW Farms 

- Fresh herbs from Kinwood Farm to season the turkey