Fruit Bonds

Fruit Bonds

1 fruit bond redeemable in 2022-4 for a peck of fruit!
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A fruit bond is a form of community shared agriculture where the community member (you!) sponsors a fruit tree and in return receives a share of the harvest once the tree matures (your investment + some). You can support generally, or actually claim "your" own tree. 

You are invited to be apart of your tree's growth by attending the below events:


- Wassailing - this is a traditional English holiday that includes warm cider, laughing, a bonfire, gratefulness for the last harvest, and a toast to the next in the orchard in mid January.

- Orchard Pruning day - Come help us prune the trees and learn why pruning is so important in February.

- Summer Maintenance Day- summer time is a time to prepare. See how we help the trees fight infection and prosper. in the summer. 

- Cider Day - make and enjoy fresh pressed cider with us in the fall. 

Be sure to tell us what type of tree you want as yours: plum, cherry, apple (cider option), peach, or pear.