Change of Seasons Tea & Protocol

Change of Seasons Tea & Protocol

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Did you know that your body performs a thorough cleansing and restart at each change of seasons? The autumnal equinox change is possibly the most important time to focus internally on your health as you prepare physically and mentally for winter. 

This tea includes 2.75 ounces of six herbs (ginger, hawthorn berries and leaves, nettle, oatstraw, astralagus root, burdock root) that have been used since ancien

t times to prepare the body for the fall change of seasons. A detox protocol, nourishing herbal mix recipe, infusion instructions, and education on these herbs is included in a professionally printed (and adorable fall-themed) two-page flyer.

Pricing breakdown:
- Printed protocol & tea mix: $20
- Protocol download (print yourself) & tea mix: $17
- Printed protocol only: $7
- Protocol download (print yourself): $5
- Tea mix only: $15

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