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We're thrilled to be launching our first vegetable CSA this coming spring along with our current meat CSA.

But...the truth is that a CSA isn't for everyone. Take the below mini-quiz to see if a CSA is right for you.

If you answer "yes, that's me!" to most of the below questions, a CSA is a great fit for you.

- Do you want to try new, healthy foods but aren't motivated to find them, or don't know where to start?

- Do you want to build lasting memories with your children and family around cooking whole foods?

- Do you want your children to be excited about and educated on fresh vegetables?

- Do you want to eat healthy and local, but find it hard to know what to get, or to stop at different places each week? 

You may not be a perfect fit for a CSA if you...

- Want the exact same greens and vegetables each week.

- Don't like trying new recipes and new foods.

    What I promise you with each CSA box:

    - fresh, more-than-organic greens and vegetables.

    - fresh ideas and recipes for how to use your goods!

    - a private social media group where we can feed off of each other's great ideas for getting healthy foods into our kids (and ourselves, who am I kidding...).

    - how to keep your produce longer and store it for the long term (drying, freezing, canning, etc).

    - add-on meat and egg products to your weekly CSA to making shopping local a one-stop-shop (farm). 

    What is a CSA?

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, where community members (that's you!) support a farm by purchasing a "share" to provide you with the freshest and for us, most natural, vegetables possible. The shareholder gets to share in the risk of farming, and is rewarded by nature by a rich bounty, decent harvest, or "rough year." 

    You receive this weekly or every-other-week at our farm store or one of our drop off locations during our early June to late October harvest season. A four-week fall share is also available (think sweet corn, pumpkins, and squash). 

    Sign up here if you know that growing a CSA with me is perfect for you. Email me if you have more questions. 

    Please take a moment to let us know what you would like to see in a CSA.