Bulk Beef

We will be selling all bulk meat this year by the bundle. Shares are per ⅛ beef, but you can order multiple bundles. For example, if you wanted ½ a beef, you would receive four bundles. Each bundle contains the cuts and quantities listed below, and has one set price. We will be picking up the beef and paying the butcher - you do not need to do this anymore! Just set up a time with us to pick up at the farm, one of our Pick Up Locations or Delivery. We are hoping this makes your buying experience easier to understand and enjoy.

1/8 Beef Bundle (45 lbs total)

-2 lbs stew beef
-2 filet mignon
-2 sirloin steaks
-2 round tenderized steaks
-1 rump roast
-2 chuck roasts
-2 Boneless Ribeye/Delmonico steaks
- 2 packages of soup bones
- 2 short ribs-2 NY strip steaks
-20 (average) lbs ground

Total Price - $350

* Pounds per cut will vary depending on the size of the cattle. We will ensure you receive at least 45 lbs. of beef in your share.

$50 deposit due when ordering.

Bulk Lamb

Bulk lamb bundles are sold by the half lamb (because they’re so small!). Prices are $170 for a half lamb, $325 for a whole.

A half lamb bundle includes:

- 6 rib chops
- 4 loin chops
- 4 shoulder chops
- 1 leg of lamb 
- 1 pound stew meat
- 1 pound kabob meat
- 2-4 pounds ground lamb (depending on size)
- 1 pound soup bones

*The total bundle will be 15 lbs of meat, the variable is ground lamb. It takes up ½ cubic feet of freezer space.
$30 deposit due when ordering.

(processed with organic vegetable tanning by Vermont Natural Sheepskin) is around $200. A smaller skin would be less depending on size (up to $25 less, and a larger may be up to $25 more - like a super large one). Sheepskins take 2-5 months to process depending on the time of year and tanner’s availability; winter months typically take longer we are told.

Bulk Poultry

Bulk chicken orders are open for summer 2020! You can preorder now. We have nonGMO Cornish cross or organic heritage (Freedom Ranger) chickens available this summer. Both are moved to fresh pasture daily! 

Click here to preorder a Thanksgiving turkey.