Bulk Beef

We will be selling all bulk meat this year by the bundle. Shares are per ⅛ beef, but you can order multiple bundles. For example, if you wanted ½ a beef, you would receive four bundles. Each bundle contains the cuts and quantities listed below, and has one set price. We will be picking up the beef and paying the butcher - you do not need to do this anymore! Just set up a time with us to pick up at the farm, one of our Pick Up Locations or Delivery. We are hoping this makes your buying experience easier to understand and enjoy.

1/8 Beef Bundle (45 lbs total)

-2 lbs stew beef
-2 filet mignon
-2 sirloin steaks
-2 round tenderized steaks
-1 rump roast
-2 chuck roasts
-2 Boneless Ribeye/Delmonico steaks
- 2 packages of soup bones
- 2 short ribs-2 NY strip steaks
-20 (average) lbs ground

Total Price - $350

* Pounds per cut will vary depending on the size of the cattle. We will ensure you receive at least 45 lbs. of beef in your share.

$50 deposit due when ordering.

Bulk Lamb

Bulk lamb bundles are sold by the half lamb (because they’re so small!). Prices are $170 for a half lamb, $325 for a whole.

A half lamb bundle includes:

- 6 rib chops
- 4 loin chops
- 4 shoulder chops
- 1 leg of lamb 
- 1 pound stew meat
- 1 pound kabob meat
- 2-4 pounds ground lamb (depending on size)
- 1 pound soup bones

*The total bundle will be 15 lbs of meat, the variable is ground lamb. It takes up ½ cubic feet of freezer space.
$30 deposit due when ordering.

(processed with organic vegetable tanning by Vermont Natural Sheepskin) is around $200. A smaller skin would be less depending on size (up to $25 less, and a larger may be up to $25 more - like a super large one). Sheepskins take 2-5 months to process depending on the time of year and tanner’s availability; winter months typically take longer we are told.

Bulk Poultry

We are sold out of chickens for now! Check back spring 2020 for chickens and turkey!