Why Microgreens are Not So Micro

February 27, 2020

Microgreens have become more trendy and can be found in most grocery stores. Greens are technically microgreens when they are in the stage between sprouting and seedling, and are harvested right when their first "true leaves" show. 

They are nutrient powerhouses and pack a tasty crunch to meals. 

Health Benefits of Microgreens

It seems a crazy, but studies have found that microgreens contain higher nutritional value than their mature forms. They also contain more vitamin C, and in most cases betacarotene (even more than carrots!). They are also abundant in vitamins E and K, two important fat soluble vitamins.  

Recipe Ideas for Microgreens 

Microgreens are perfect as a garnish on salads and soups (or as the entire salad). But, they have many uses, such as: 

- Vegetarian or vegan sandwich, or paired with pear or avocado toast. 

- Try a partially roasted root vegetable salad with fresh microgreens.

- Mix them in a bowl with quinoa, barley, buckwheat, or couscous.

- Add them to the top of a curry or stir fry. 

- Toss them into your smoothie or fresh pressed juice.

- Use them as a garnish on tacos.

We've been growing microgreens the last few weeks and have had so much fun watching these little beauties go! They are going to be a staple on our dinner table and farm menu. Check out what we have available



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