Why Bloomberg is Wrong: Farming is Intelligent Work

February 17, 2020

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg's comments have surfaced insinuating that farming requires little intelligence, and even less work - that you just "dig a hole and put a seed in it."

I have a degree in Business Administration, and have worked from the financial, to the nonprofit, to the corporate retail sphere, and I can tell you  that farming requires the most intelligence. 

First, being a farmer means being a small business owner. But, not just any small business owner, you have seasonal income and a huge investment every single year - talking about financial planning. On top of the normal sales risk, you have have a risk entirely outside of your control - weather and nature. 

Actually, farming is quite a bit more than digging a hole. From planning your seeds, laying out where they will go, planning around the hundreds of factors for each type of plant, checking them daily and adjusting your plans, and then getting them ready and sent to your distribution channels - farming is possibly the apex of every type of work - labor, sales, retail, operations, economics - all normally done by one family. 

If you would like to see exactly what goes into farming, you can follow our page or Youtube channel, or come out to the farm sometime. 

Danielle Olson Jones

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