What's a Flerd?

August 24, 2019

Well, very simply, it’s the combination of a flock and a herd. A herd is the name of a grouping of cows and cattle, while a flock is the same thing but for sheep. A flerd is these two living together in one large group. And, it’s around for more than just making up a cool word.

A flerd provides security for the more vulnerable sheep against predators with their larger big brothers & sisters around.

It also benefits the land. Cattle and sheep have different grazing habits. This means that a wider diversity of plants is grazed. The paddocks are also able to rest for a much longer period of time due to all of the animals being in one group.

And finally, it benefits both species of animal. You see, parasites flourish amongst their own kind. Parasites of one species are not a problem amongst other species. With other species around, that causes a dead-end to the parasite cycle and sickness is greatly diminished. Simply put, cattle are dead-end hosts to sheep parasites and vice versa.

We think our little flerd is adorable, and hope you can come by to say ‘hi’ to them someday soon!

Danielle Olson Jones

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