Spring 2021 Update - Long Overdue!

June 11, 2021

Catching you up

Earlier this spring, we shared that we are expecting baby #3 this fall. We are so excited to be adding some estrogen to the group (it's a girl!). We also welcomed our first intern - a Wheaton college grad school graduate who is looking to rest his brain while working his hands. We are also excited to add another set of arms and eyes on the farm as we look to streamline farm projects and processes.

Isaiah has also been busy building (what's new!?) a home for us on the farm. We have been contemplating exact how, where, and what to build - and we finally settled on a log cabin. It's nearing completion, and we plan to move into it by August. This will allow us to be so much more hands on with the livestock as well as the garden (and Danielle hopes that means she can finally have a milking cow someday soon). 


What's ahead 

As we move onto the farm, we hope to tighten up our processes and create more infrastructure that we need. This spring, we "took out" two more large pastures from row crop production and transitioned them into perennial pasture. As I write, the cattle have had their first taste of a goldenrod-full patch of baby pasture. This allows us to enlarge our herd, but also store more grass for the winter in the form of intact pasture. 

This summer, we will build an outdoor chicken processing center to process all our poultry on the farm. This reduces bacterial contamination, and helps us all avoid those nasty antiseptic bleach washes. 

We also have been approved by NRCS to install fencing around our "new" pastures, two high tunnels, and a water catchment system off the barn, running to the garden. It will be a busy summer!

This spring (but is it really spring? What's with this HOT June weather?), we are adding meat ducks and turkeys. We acquired a small flock of geese in hopes of hatching their young for meat, as well. Just looking to always diversify our meat offerings, especially with heritage and hard-to-find meats. 

That's all for now - there's so much more ahead!

Danielle Olson Jones

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