Slow Down Time

November 11, 2021

As the daylight hours dwindle, we find ourselves looking inward: into our homes and our hearts. 

Winter invites us by nearly force to spend more time inside, maybe crafting, or working, or sleeping. It's not always a welcome invite. We spend our days by artificial light in offices, and then at home, because it's dark out by the time we come home. What if we actually did live by sunlight? Going to bed early, maybe with a lantern or candle to spend an hour or two reading before an ample night's rest, not waking until the sun finally peeks through our windowsills again? Imagine how different your days may be. 

As a farmer, it's almost a strange feeling - a transition from the days of constant overdoing to days of little to do. But, all too soon, we start planning for the next season, ordering seeds, and then, before we know it, putting that first seed back into soil to mark the beginning of the new spring February 1. I've learned to embrace winter, and on the hottest of July days, covet it. The permission to rest, to do less, to discover what it is I truly want again as I rest from my doing self. 

I imagine, as earlier people living by candle and fire light that this would be such a stark contrast, even starker to our current time and its abrupt time changes. But, I also imagine as I consider how hard they worked until that first frost planting and harvesting acre after acre of grain by hand, that they would love this time, too.


And, maybe the quick yet slow change of seasons is here to teach us just that. That the secret to contentment is accepting today, where you are at, and the weather at hand. For all too soon, it will change. Warm rains will fall or cold winds will blow, beckoning you to move along yet again. Will you resist, or adapt? Bemoan, or accept? This choice is ours. 

From my cup of warm (or sometimes cold) coffee to yours, happy winter. May it be filled with hygge, cozy blankets, warm drinks, and above all, ample space to rest, both in mind and body. 


Danielle Olson Jones

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