School’s Out(doors) For the Summer!!: Pre-K – High School Farm Education at Kinwood

February 9, 2021

“Farm school days at Kinwood will long hold a special place in our hearts and on our calendar. While last summer it seemed the world demanded all stress all the time, we gathered at the farm in gratitude to bring our children peace, connection and normalcy. Danielle organized wonderful lessons, crafts and tours – and the gorgeous farm environment felt a restorative mix of a vacation day and, at the same time, a home away from home. We’re happy to recommend Kinwood Farm to anyone looking to supplement their own schooling with knowledge of sustainable farm life. It’s just a beautiful opportunity.” -- Elizabeth

While it feels like Spring may never arrive to unbury us from this snowy winter, the calendar’s saying it’s just around the corner… and we’re full of excitement. Though Spring and Summer bring LOTS to do and provide here on the farm, one of our favorite offerings has come to be our farm school program.

This year, beginning in April and May, we will offer farm school (a homeschool collective program on the farm) once per month for the Spring, then ramp up to once a week for 4 weeks in June and July. We’re offering an early summer registration special for either Tuesday or Wednesday here – Save $20 off the monthly fee if you book early.


Our Spring days will be themed around “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, and we will discuss the rain cycle and planting around the farm – a perfect compliment to our new “Blooms CSA” you can find here. A quick share – this year we’re going to be growing a variety of herbal, medicinal, edible, and just plain beautiful flowers which can be purchased in pints or quarts. The children can be there from the ground up (no pun intended) and help with starting these plants.

Summer classes aim to be more hands on and intensive, and while they’re open to all ages, they’ll be geared more towards mature kiddos who really want to get their hands dirty and learn our processes. This will include “everyday” work on the farm, including an animal component (moving the cows, gathering eggs) and garden component each day.


As summer goes on, we may add more classes, play days or programs. Things are ever changing here, and we’ll have to see where we’re at and how we’re weathering the season. We will certainly have open plays days for families to just come and enjoy all the summer has to bring.

If you have any questions at all about our program or registration, feel free to reach out to us by email or on social media. We’re SO looking forward to seeing all the children and families again!! And before we log off, we’d love to share one more glowing testimonial:

“We are grateful to have Kinwood Farm School as a place to connect with nature, connect with others, and learn about the plants, animals and farming practices of this incredible place. The kids love running around and getting dirty with the other kids, and they probably don't even realize that they are learning while doing the fun activities! I love that I am able support a farm that is truly doing they best for their animals, for their food, and for their land. The air is a little fresher and the sun a little brighter at Kinwood Farm School, and we find that our bodies, minds, and souls are replenished with each visit." -- Jennifer

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