How to Stay Warm Out of Doors in Winter

February 15, 2022

Winter is a time to stoke the fire with a hot cup of your favorite drink, but we also still need to remain active and attempt to get in that vitamin D. Though it can be hard to peel ourselves out of the blankets, most find that they feel so much better getting outdoors often in winter. 

What some don't realize is that you can actually enjoy your time out in the cold (as long as it's not too cold) if you wear the proper attire. Below I will touch on what I have found keeps me and my littles out longer in freezing temperatures. 


Named after an ancient battle, this head covering covers everything besides your eyeballs, nose and mouth. They can be found at stores like Farm and Fleet, but you can also locate wool ones online. You still want to wear a hat or hood with one of these, but you will be surprised how covering all the little areas around your hat keeps you warmer, longer.

Layers (of Wool)

The key to staying warm in your arms, legs, and torso is layers. You can find base layers in nearly any fabric, but wool has been used to keep humans warm forever. Stock up on one or two sets, add on even more layers, and find yourself staying out in the cold. 

Stay Dry

Most of our animals have zero issue with even subzero temperatures, but getting wet is another issue altogether. Same goes for humans. After you don all your layers, cover yourself in a material or suit that will keep you dry. We love the Oaki Wear rain suits which can be worn in spring when it's rainy (and muddy), or over allll the clothing in the winter. 

Of course you will still eventually get cold in colder temperatures, these three simple tips will keep you out just long enough to think, "hey, this isn't so bad!"

Happy snow romping!

Danielle Olson Jones

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