Gettin' Hitched: A Farm Wedding

July 10, 2018

By Lydia Jones

I'll say upfront that I have two- possibly three- goals in this post.

Firstly, to show off the stunning beauty of the farm all cleaned up and decked out for a party, and secondly (yes, more importantly too!) to honor and celebrate the beautiful love that lead to this most worthy of occasions.


If I were to include my deeper, darker third motivation, it would probably be to convince you to hire the farm for the next wedding, reunion, party, photo shoot or general shindig in your life so that we can buy a lawnmower and keep it looking this nice all the time.

However, that point aside, let's return to the nobler ideas. There was a nonstop effort on the farm this spring to get things cleaned up and put in order for the wedding, and it really paid off. Not only was it a beautiful and functional setting, but of course we have really enjoyed the long-term benefits of a cleaner and more beautiful space to live and work in. The wedding was the perfect pressure to get some important tasks done here.


The highest point on the farm has a beautiful spreading oak set in a grove of trees. There couldn't be a better spot on the farm for Isaiah and Danielle to say their vows to one another and show their commitment through their intimate and meaningful wedding ceremony. They shared their vows beneath an arbor Isaiah designed and built by hand using oak from our woods; a very fitting symbol of the care, creativity and solid foundation these to two souls are sharing.


The intimate ceremony was followed by a grassfed burger, salad, and potluck, and juice bar by the newlywed's friend, Josh Carter (thanks, Josh!).


It has been such a pleasure to welcome Danielle and Gunner to the family and to watch as Isaiah and his new family grow together. We can't wait to see where their adventures lead!

We dug a lot of holes!

May 16th, 2018