Beating the Heat with a Cold Chicken Salad

June 29, 2022

Greetings, my goodness it sure is unseasonably hot outside and I don’t know about you but quite a few times this past  week, I have loudly proclaimed it's too hot to cook, too hot to eat, let's just have a popsicle or ice cream instead haha. The hot months are when I typically eat a lot of salads, and cool dishes.  In all seriousness I had planned on baking a chicken, grecian style for this weeks recipe, however I found myself racing against the heat spending every bearable minute outside steadfastly working on getting my garden ready before we head off on our annual trip to the east coast. Alas there is never enough time to get everything done and the heat only kept me dreaming of my grandma's “famous” chicken salad, something I cannot make, almost as if it was a science, her science and I wished I watched her more intently as she made it growing up, between you and I and all the other readers, I never appreciated her chicken salad until I was an adult. Her chicken salad had all the usual ingredients you'd find in any basic southern bowl of it but it was the way she hand cut everything so tiny, as if it were minced that really made it. My grandma put so much effort into everything she did. I hope one of my aunts continues on and makes it for the next family gathering.  While I have been dreaming of my grandma's food, I do have a couple of rather delicious and kid approved chicken salad recipes that are always a hit, especially if you like to change it up a bit. The one I'm sharing today is one that my mom started making when I was a teenager and it's really my go to for simplicity purposes and because I know even my most picky eater will gobble it up.  If you plan on baking a chicken this week, put a few slices of lemon and the lemon juice in your seasoning and plan to use all the leftovers for this sweet chicken salad and toss the carcass in a stock pot for broth making.

What you’ll need:

Meat from a baked chicken, or rotisserie chicken. Shredded

Celery- 2 stalks is good, add more if you like.

Green onion for garnish

Parsley for garnish

Red grapes, about 2 cups halved

Optional- Walnuts or Pecans- chopped.

Mayo- Homemade mayo using a duck egg  for this is really superb.

Stone Ground mustard- about 1 tbsp or once around the bowl.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Mix these all up using however much you like and the consistency you prefer and enjoy. I really love this as an open face sandwich using fresh picked lettuce on sourdough or brioche bread, with a nice big glass of mint infused sweet iced tea.

I’ll be packing up a Kinwood chicken and cooking it while out of town with plans to make a savory, more detailed chicken salad with the remaining meat so stay tuned and stay cool. Happy Eating, even if it does include too many popsicles haha. 

Sarah Cagle

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