Our Farm's Story


       Take care of the earth, take care of each other. 

Kinwood Farm strives to bring meaningful interactions and high-quality products to our community. We are passionate about growing in knowledge and compassion as we seek the wisdom of the old ways and cultivate innovation for a future that is not only sustainable but regenerative. We seek to inspire our friends, families, customers and ourselves to practice gratitude and generosity with the many forms of blessings we have each been gifted.


The Kinwood Farmstead, Circa 1960


The story of Kinwood really begins thousands of years before our European ancestors arrived here. To the generations of peoples and herds who tended these deep grasses and wetlands before us, we are indebted.

Our great, great grandparents journeyed to Illinois from Alsace, France in the mid 1800's. They settled down near the tiny town of Hooppole (which might have had a post office back then... not any more!) and began to raise crops and livestock. Gradually they and their children prospered and purchased more land, including the 197 acre parcel belonging to our parents, Bruce and Becky Jones. 

The land has mostly been cultivated in traditional row crops for the last several decades, but there has always been a stand of oak-hickory forest that remains a haven for birds, wildlife and us, and boasts an abundance of un-coerced bounty- berries, nuts, mushrooms, timber and ephemeral plants. It is the multi-generational family ("kin") connection and value for these woods that helped us choose our name. 

Now we are looking forward. We have been reclaiming much of the row-crop land and converting it to multi-species pasture and silvo-pasture, wetlands and habitat, hoping to bring restoration and healing to the soil and water while providing our family and the greater community with some of the highest quality food available. We are thrilled to be on this journey, and to have you join us!


It matters where your food comes from and how it is raised. Our belief in that principle has guided our eating and purchasing decisions our whole lives- you'd better believe it guides our farming practices too! We want to raise food we feel great about eating and sharing, so that's what we do.

Beef and Lamb


Our livestock spend their whole lives in the pasture with access to clean water, fresh air, and an array of forage and free-choice salts and minerals. They are never given antibiotics, grain or artificial hormones, and are 100% grass-fed and finished. 

We are very intentional about pasture management. We use intensive rotational grazing in the summer, using flexible fencing to move the livestock to fresh pasture at least once (sometimes as many as 13 times!) daily. 

At harvest time they are humanely processed by a local butcher, Johnson's Processing in Chadwick, Illinois.

Pastured Chicken and Turkey


In summer you will see our broilers (meat birds) and turkeys out in the pasture all season. They are moved to fresh pasture daily. The "clean-up crew" gets a diverse array of seeds, greens and insects as they peck and scratch through the grass and cow patties; there is a visible boost in lush green grass after the chickens finish their work in a plot! In addition to their pasture diet, our broilers given 100% Certified Organic chicken feed or non-GMO feed depending on which product you choose from a mill three miles away. 

At harvest time our broilers are processed right here on the farm with our mobile processing equipment. We offer organic-fed heritage chickens, non-GMO Cornish cross chickens, and non-GMO turkeys.

Duck and Geese Eggs & Meat


We believe that animals like to live in their natural environments, like us. So, our ducks and geese enjoy free range of our pond and pastures, and are supplemented with local non-GMO feed. 

Muscovy ducks do not need a water environment, and so we move them on pasture much like our chickens and turkeys.



The piggies are really the workhorses for our garden! They remove any weeds or grasses before we plant, and get the added bonus of rooting around for tubers and grubs all day! They are moved to fresh grass daily and given a few too many snuggles. But, we can't help it.

Our piggies are fed organic, sprouted peas, fermented organic rye and wheat, and supplemented with non-GMO corn. There is no soy in their feed. 

Pork will be available summer 2023, as we are farrowing our own piglets fall 2022.



In 2020, we added a market garden CSA to the farm. Producing high quality, super fresh, and local produce that regenerates the soil adds the cherry to the top of our cake. Unlike many gardens, you will not see bare soil in our garden beds nor paths because we do not till. We also practice in situ composting, letting the plants which have fulfilled their lifecycle compost right in the garden. In the fall, we run our livestock  through the gardens to deposit the ultimate sustainable fertilizers.. In 2021, we began growing perennial plants that will sustain us for years to come.  We also have 5 year old fruit trees that should be bearing soon! 



The work at Kinwood would be impossible without the many hands that work behind the scenes. "Ma and Pa" (Bruce and Becky) Jones are the founders and landowners, not to mention the progenitors of nearly all the other people responsible for the start of Kinwood. Bruce helps with the egg and meat chickens. Becky enters orders and packs the CSA with perfection. Our brothers Samuel and Lael have faithfully offered help in many forms, as has sister Helen. Emlyn and Lydia lived and worked the farm for some time, and were experts at poultry and forestry management. The bulk of brain and brawn behind Kinwood is the effort of Isaiah and his family.

Isaiah, Danielle, Gunner, Benaiah and Vea


Isaiah envisions and manages livestock operations, and puts his array of handy skills to use daily as a builder and farmer. He is in charge of maintaining the infrastructure that keeps things moving so smoothly. 

He is helped in many ways by his lovely wife Danielle and their two sons. Danielle manages the produce side of the farm, the pigs, ducks and eggs, as well as marketing and orders. She is our in-house expert on health and wellness as a doula, reiki practitioner, and wellness consultant

Our children play an integral part in the daily upkeep and shenanigans on the farm. We hope to provide for them a slower lifestyle to experience and enjoy nature and themselves.

And last but not least, you. We would not and could not keep going forward without the friends and family that support us in so many ways. We hope that we inspire and encourage you all, as you do us.