Real food that restores body, mind, and land.

Consciously stewarded, beyond organic, entirely pastured.

Our Purpose

Kinwood Farm strives to bring meaningful interactions and high-quality products to our community, both locally and globally. We are passionate about growing in knowledge and compassion as we seek the wisdom of the old ways and cultivate innovation for a future that is not only sustainable but regenerative. We seek to inspire our friends, peers, customers and ourselves to practice gratitude and generosity with the many forms of blessings we have each been gifted.

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Featured Posts

May 4, 2020
I love oranges as much as the next person, but the reality is that I live in the Midwest and they don't exactly grow here. As I commit to limiting my food supply to local farms and reducing my carbon footprint, I am chronicling my ideas and adventures into finding a truly local diet.
April 13, 2020
Put that tiller away, and prepare a long term garden bed simply.
February 27, 2020
Learn more about the health benefits and tasty uses of microgreens.


Kinwood Farm treats their animals with respect. They humbly give back to the earth via regenerative farming, composting and consumer waste reduction.
Crystal, ND (Wheaton, Ill.)
We ordered an 1/8th of a cow in the summer it is honestly the best beef ever!!
Megan (DeKalb, Ill.)
Love, love your beef! Just purchased last week and fixed your beef with a marinara sauce last night and my husband kept commenting is a great meal! I told him it was the organic beef that I just purchased… The flavor was excellent, just the right amount of fat in the meat and a good texture. I will buy my meat from you in the future!! Thank you for doing a great job.
Joy (Davenport, IA)